Enabling Sound on Mac Charging

hello, this time I want to share how to mute when mac charging, actually quite simple really, just needs the application “Terminal” and enter the command to activate, and the command is short enough, immediately wrote. You can open the application via Spotlight or Applications> Utilities> Terminal. Make sure to enable this feature you have used […]

Free GIT Command Line

git config Assign configuration values ​​for your user name, email, gpg key, the preferred diff algorithms, file formats and much more. Example: 12 git config -global user.name “My Name”git config -global user.email ” [email protected] “ git init Initializes a git repository – makes the initial git directory within a new or existing project. Example: 12 git init initialized empty Git […]

How to Enable Drag & Drop 3 Finger on Mac

Hello, this time I want to share how actived Drag & Drop 3 fingers on the mac, i also confused the hell before initial use OSX High Sierra usually in the Trackpad settings, but suddenly not there, immediately wrote ya. You can activate it by going into the settings (System Preferences) in the bar apple […]

Error reading with Logcat in Android Studio

for this time I will quote reading android logcat in the studio, it’s useful logcat really does make reading errors when deploying projects android and may Logcat very important and you should be able to master this to minimize the error on your android project. Perhaps immediately wrote ya. Sample case : case 1 It is […]

How to Fix Errors on IDE Linker CLion

this time I want to share how to fix error in C ++ linker Clion when they want menrun applications, weve nyeselin hell if already like that, especially if we Gatau way, really frustrating, but the original how easy anyway. immediately wrote ya. you open the file “CMakeLists.txt” there will be a configuration so to run […]

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Commit History reset Git Repository

hello, this time I want to share how to Reset / Clear History Commit to the repository in git, in this case i use IDE CLion & Command Line Tools, immediately wrote ya. This is a picture before the reset, then we open the IDE (Free) for this case i use IDE CLion for making […]

Debugging (Run) Android Studio project via HP

Hello, this time I want to share how to debug alias run programs that we have made in android studio to hp, immediately wrote ya. Developer Enables Option in HP to run directly into the phone, you must activate the mode Developer Option in HP, and then enable “USB Debugging”, if it does not know […]

How To Prevent Comment Spam on WordPress

Hello i want to share this time so that you are not affected wordpress spam comments, this time we will learn how to protect or protect us from spam comments wordpress by using plugins, immediately wrote. Step by Step 1. Add New Plugin This time we are going to install anti-spam plugins, previously you to […]

Doing Git Push via CLion

Hello, this time I want to share a tutorial how Push in CLion, at times is quite easy really, just push to github already just like that, make sure you have an account github, have access permission repository and already configuration git on CLion  If you want to Commit & Push you can get to the […]

Checkout Project on CLion

Hello, this time I want to share how to Checkout Project from Github to CLion, immediately wrote cekidot. Checkout Project If you open the application menu CLion will appear like this, and to Checkout Project you can select the “Checkout project from version control” then select “GIT” in the dropdown menu. After that you select […]