Upgrade SSDs on Macbook White 2010


Hello. This time I want to share step by step how to change a storage SSD ( Solid State Drive ) on the Macbook 2010, for the moment i use WD brand Green 240GB SSD, purchased from bukalapak worth IDR 620,000. Cheap passable heck of many SSD gw selection (eg, Samsung, Kingston, Sandisk etc) i chose WD Green, perhaps because of a minimal budget, haha. 

Specifications WD Green 240GB SSD

SpecificationWD Green SSD 240GBWD Green SSD 120GB
Form Factor2.5 “/ 7mm2.5 “/ 7mm
M.2 2280M.2 2280
interfaceSATA III 6 Gb / sSATA III 6 Gb / s
Performance Sequential Read545 MB / s545 MB / s
Average Active Power (mW)8080
Max Read Operating (mW)28002200
Write Operating Max (mW)28002200
operating Temperatures0 ° C to 70 ° C0 ° C to 70 ° C
Reliability MTTF6Up to 1.0 M hoursUp to 1.0 M hours
Physical Dimensions:
2.5 “7.00mm x 69.85mm x 100.50mm7.00mm x 69.85mm x 100.50mm
M.2 2280.5mm x 22.0mm x 80mm.5mm x 22.0mm x 80mm
weight32.2g, ± 0.5g (2.5 “), 6.51g (M.2)32.2g, ± 0.5g (2.5 “), 6.51g (M.2)
Price WD Green SSD 2.5 “Rp593.000 (Buy)Rp349.500 (Buy)
Price WD Green SSD M.2 2280Rp595.000 (Buy)Rp390.000 (Buy)

I get to the specifications of the site  https://www.murdockcruz.com/2018/04/09/wd-green-ssd-review-pilihan-ssd-terjangkau-kinerja-tangguh/#.XAyM_RMzbEY

Step by Step:

1. Uninstall Mac & Pull Cables Battery Indication

step 1
step 1

Previous before you fall off the bottom case, this is a mandatory thing you do, to avoid electrical voltage / surge on the Macbook. well maybe let you bongkarnya aja safety and gaperlu worried going electrocuted.

2. Open the safety Bolts & Remove HDD Securely

Memlepas safety bolt Notebook Macbook

if you already loose battery cable macbook, you can remove the safety bolt to release the hard drive on your Mac.

remove the hard drive

if it is you can safely remove the hard drive, previously you should carefully flexible cable separately removing the hard drive on mac, as prone to breaking if we overdo release / use of excessive force in the flexible cable connected menyabut on the hard disk.

side bolt removing the hard drive

‘s important for removing bolts in addition to the hard drive, so that when plugged into the macbook does not shake and shock resistance, maybe if you gapake bolt side when install a hard drive in the macbook going to not fit and can be dislodged down because there was no safety shock, yes so dah gw also confused jelasin this section.

3. Install SSD in Macbook

bolt side on SSD

if already you insert it sideways into the SSD safety bolt to be fitted into the macbook, let kagak rocking pastiin fitting attached using that.

post ssd

after that you post more flexible cables with caution, and reconnect it correctly bolt, do ngasal, later his nut dol complicated again: D.

completed post ssd

SSD is already successfully installed into your macbook.

battery cable pairs

do not forget to reinstall the battery cable, if installed later macbooknya umm can not flame, and after that the cap back on the macbook bottom case and turn on dah. if in this case i try testing first without having to plug the bottom case make this mastiin really able or not, with the state letpop cpu lcd below and above, if okay i closed the bottom feeder casenya, let me not bulak behind unloading.


congratulations, you guys managed to do on how to upgrade the SSD in the MacBook, in this case i use macbook white, 2010, formerly’d love to caddy so’m just as flexible optical drive dislodged so gajadi, but i’ve find any hell cable replacement, are quite rare because sparepartnya rather difficult nyarinya , maybe that’s all from me thank ya

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