Raspberry Pi – Introduction (Introduction)

What is Raspberry Pi? Raspberry Pi , often abbreviated name  Raspi , is a single board computer ( single-board circuit ; SBC) which is about the size of a credit card that can be used to run office programs,  computer gamesAnd as a media player to a high-resolution video. Raspberry Pi was developed by a nonprofit foundation, Raspberry Pi Foundation, which fronted […]

Compatible memory on Raspberry Pi

Memory devices suitable for Raspberry Pi This time I want to talk, in this case i use Raspberry Pi 3 B + and i use the memory of the SanDisk 32GB Class 4. There may or question why not use Class 10 and above 32GB, simple really does. Rasberry’s official website said the words “Suggest Using […]

Installing casing on Raspberry Pi

Replacing Case in Raspberry Pi that is good and true This time I want, this time I use a transparent casing, a lot of hell in online shops is not until idr 30k-50k. Cheap secured. but unfortunately this use case that i still have not support for Fan, because the casing is rather tight there is not […]

Operating System Installation Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

Installation Raspbian on Raspberry Pi with Ease this time I want to share, maybe if already know can skip wrote, and this tutorial aims to how to raspbian installation on the device raspberry pi, and the target readers are those who still lay / beginners on raspberry pi.  following step by step (Video). Video Operating […]