Track your lost & Securing Devices using Prey

Hello, this time I want to talk about applications that in my opinion is very effective in tracking down and securing the device is lost or stolen, in this case we use the application “Prey” This application was made by Prey Project and Open Source, language courses in making this application ie using Python, we […]

Upgrade SSDs on Macbook White 2010

Hello. This time I want to share step by step how to change a storage SSD ( Solid State Drive ) on the Macbook 2010, for the moment i use WD brand Green 240GB SSD, purchased from bukalapak worth IDR 620,000. Cheap passable heck of many SSD gw selection (eg, Samsung, Kingston, Sandisk etc) i chose WD Green, perhaps […]

Track your Android Mobile Device or Missing

This time hi i want to share how to find the Device Smartphone / Mobile Android is lost using the application “find my devices” This application is available in PlayStore and free. Find My Device Application is made by Google, and the functions of this application to track and locate the missing android devices, this […]

Track your iOS devices and Mac Prodigal

This time hi i want to share how to find Tool Mac / iOS lost using the application “find my iphone” this application is available in the AppStore and is free, and can also be accessed on the site . Find My iPhone app is made by Apple Inc., and the functions of this application to […]

How to Enable Verification Badge Instagram

Hello. Who would know ama umm Social media application Instagram, an application to share photos in cyberspace. Applications are launched in June 2010 it possessed users quite a lot, of course i became users of this application, create instagram 2012 kalu, well approximately 6 years already lah gw play instagram, haha ​​.. this time I want […]

Peek Source Code OS Legendary MS-DOS!

intro Hi, Who would know this legendary operating system created by Tim Paterson et al while working at Microsoft in 1981, is widely used operating system in the world in the era of the ’80s and 90s and every year certainly doomed to progress to help people in the field of technology. actually honest anyway I […]