Debugging (Run) Android Studio project via HP

Hello, this time I want to share how to debug alias run programs that we have made in android studio to hp, immediately wrote ya.

Developer Enables Option in HP

developer Option

to run directly into the phone, you must activate the mode Developer Option in HP, and then enable “USB Debugging”, if it does not know how to activate the mode Developer Option, you can setup the phone, then on and if you see the information “kernel” of you can press or push continues repeatedly, and the Developer Options will appear.

Run App

Then you return to Android Studio, and select “Run App”.

shortcut run

or you can directly select the run button in Android Studio.

Run dialog

if you already select the run button, you will see “Devices Connect” on this dialog may appear connect devices of Real Devices, Emulator, or Virtual Machine (Genymotion), in this case we use real devices to run apps from android studio,¬†make sure the smartphone android you connect uSB to the laptop and has been active developer mode options.

Cause Failed to Run

Usually if it failed several factors including kayaks anyway

  • Hp memory you are full.
  • Still using the old Build and yet at the “Rebuild Project”.
  • Smartphone USB cable you are in trouble.
  • and there may be other factors gw Gatau only.
Applications run on Real Devices

and if successful, the application will run on the phone, and congratulations you have successfully run the application on android studio project directly via phone. The reason i use Real Devices may be better just doing testing than Emulator, because it uses tolerable drained Emulator RAM are pretty much create android apps run it, maybe it was just really, thank ya

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