The introduction of Android Resource Drawable

Android Drawable (Source Google Images)

Resources that can be drawn is a common concept for graphs that can be used in the layout.

Each Drawable saved as a single file in one of the folder res / drawable .

Usually you will save the bitmap to various resolutions in mdpi, -hdpi, -xhdpi, -xxhdpi sub folder in res / drawable.

Using drawables to be seen :

Drawables called in XML via

@ drawable / anyfile where anyfile is the file name without the file extension.

For example, to access the res / drawable / hiii.png Drawable, you will use the @ drawable / hiponcoe as shown in the following excerpt.

Examples of application Drawable on TextView

For example, the following code shows how to set drawables as background in ImageView.

ImageView imageView = (ImageView) findViewById(;

Drawables shape gives four basic shapes: Rectangle, Oval, Line and Ring.

The fourth type of shape supports the following tag (some form of additional tag support, but this is the set that is supported by all of them):

gradient:   Determine the gradient background
solid: Specify the background color of a solid
padding : Specify padding between the edges of the shape and contents
Size:  Specify the width and Height
of stroke: Specify the line scratches around the edges of the shape

-supported files drawable is: xml, png, gif, jpg

conclusion: drawable this is a file that can be used and implemented into the layout / activity, as an image viewer.

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