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This time hi i want to share how to find the Device Smartphone / Mobile Android is lost using the application “find my devices” This application is available in PlayStore and free.

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Find My Device Application is made by Google, and the functions of this application to track and locate the missing android devices, this application is very useful, and many people do not know if this application is very useful.

Find My Device Features:

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Track addition, this application can lock and wipe devices via App Find My Device, not only it wrote, could just ring the sound with max volume although the phone in silent state. make sure you have enabled android devices to find my location devices , the following features on the Find my Device.

1. Track Location Device

Here can see the location of your android device in case of loss, ensure access / locationnya mode is active on your android device to be able to track the position of Android devices.

2. Play Sound

When losing an android device in a state of silent (silent / no sound) you can use the “Play Sound” to mute, and the device automatically will make a sound with max volume even in a state of silent.

3. Lock Device

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This is a useful feature to secure your Android devices in case of loss, this feature automatically locks the device and pull out the emergency message will be read person who found / stole android devices. and only we can to open the code on the features “lock device”.

4. Erase Data

This feature serves to permanently erase all data on your android device, if all of the features have been fruitless, and the importance of data afraid seen / taken, you can use the “Erase Data”

The final word

Maybe it is there to be gw share, maybe you should be careful in using the gadget / smartphone public places, because the crime happens everywhere.

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