Adding Warning Adblock WordPress

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Hello This time i want to share Adblock WordPress Warning Adding this time we will learn to use the plugin, immediately wrote.

Step by Step

1. Install Plugin

Add New Plugin

This time we will install, before you to Plugins menu and select “Add New” from the submenu Plugin.

install Plugin

If It appears the “Add New Plugin” you type the name of the plugin in the search bar, and make sure the plugin name and the icon corresponds to the image above. In this case i use “Ad Blocker Notify Lite” probably because this is the recommendation that the setup is also very easily and if so, please do the configuration.

Configuring Ad Blocker

on this page you are at large configuration that you want it in the browser displays a warning AdBlock. if it is “Save changes” and refresh your wordpress site and will display a warning adblock (if you are using adblock).

The final word

Congratulations! Warning, you have studied Adding Adblock WordPress. maybe it was just hell from me, thank ya

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