Preventing Ad Invalid Click WordPress

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Hello This time i want to share Preventing WordPress rent Invalid Click this time we will learn to use the plugin, immediately wrote.

Step by Step

1. Install Plugin

Add New Plugin

This time we will install, before you to Plugins menu and select “Add New” from the submenu Plugin.

install Plugin

If It appears the “Add New Plugin” you type the name of the plugin in the search bar, and make sure the plugin name and the icon corresponds to the image above. In this case i use “AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP)” probably because this is the recommendation that the setup is also very easily and if it is, if you install this plugin and configure as shown below.

Invalid Click Configuration Plugin

here you can configure your heart’s content, can determine the time banned, or set banned, if it is then you push the button “save changes”.

Why of Invalid Click

  • In BOOM (envious, Iri or Id Pub Ads whow you guys)
  • Using Floating Ads (Ads Float)
  • and punch your own ad repeatedly.

The final word

Congratulations! you have to learn how to Preventing rent Invalid Click on WordPress. rather horrified hell if already in trouble, let alone if until all banned, maybe it wrote yes, Thanks

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