Commit History reset Git Repository

hello, this time I want to share how to Reset / Clear History Commit to the repository in git, in this case i use IDE CLion & Command Line Tools, immediately wrote ya.

Before Reset Commit History

This is a picture before the reset, then we open the IDE (Free) for this case i use IDE CLion for making the C ++ program, and then Menu dibagain down on the menu named “Terminal / Command Line”.

Commit reset via Command Line Tools

Here is the command that must be typed on the Command Line you (either terminal, CMD, Android Studio, CLion etc.)

git checkout --orphan latest_branch

Add All Files to git
git add -A

Doing Commit & give messages commit 
git commit -am "commit message"

Delete Branch (branch)
git branch -D master

Renaming branch (branch) Finally to branch Master 
git branch -m master

Tearkhir Mempaksa Push and Update your Repositories
git push -f origin master

After Reset Commit

if you’ve been successful, commit in git will terset from 3 to only one commit (on the case and this repository). and it’s a sign you successfully reset the commit history. if at the time of resetting the words “Everything up-to-date” please try again until the writing was not there, or repeat step from the beginning. Maybe it was just wanting i share, thank ya

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