Share Project to GIT via CLion

Hello, this time I want to share how “Share Project” in CLion, make sure you have an account already configured github and yes, if Keith open this link aja How to Configure Git on CLion – LuckyTrue Learning. 

Activate Version Control

at this time if you have opened an active project in Clion, you can follow the instructions in the above picture, so you select the menu “VCS -> Enable Version Control Integration” This feature serves to activate Version Control in your project.

Share Project

if you have activated Version Control will feature many sub-menus in VCS, and then you select “Import Project into a Version Control -> Share Project on GitHub”.

Choose Root

this section you will select the root that you are using, in this case i use “git” as rootnya. if it is you further by pressing the OK button.

Share Dialogue Project

if so, a dialog will appear like this, usually when you are already “Commit / Add File” will directly Share to Github, but if you have not “Commit / Add File” commit dialog will appear as shown below.

dialogue commit

commit dialog will appear, its function is to select which files to be uploaded into git, if it is given whatever they commit message you then select the “OK” button.

Successfully Share Project

if it is successful will display a notification like this on CLion. if it does not work please check again whether to get internet access / permission repository and internet connection.

Results Share Web Github

Congratulations you’ve uploaded into the project webiste github, to github possessed two versions, free and paid, usually if we could pay in private projects and can not be seen by others, if other people can see free. alternatively use the free Bitbucket and be in private.

Via the Command Line

git init
// untuk menambahkan origin repository yang dibuat
git remote add origin
// commit/add file untuk di upload ke github
git add .
// memnberikan pesan commit
git commit -m "first commit"
// melakukan push ke github
git push -u origin master

The final word

maybe it could gw aja share, and this time you have to learn how to “Share Project” git on CLion, Thank ya

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