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Google Introduces Project AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), What was Project AMP?

No doubt current Smartphone and Tablet revolutionized how we access the internet. Currently a large number of people read the news via their mobile phones. 

Publisher  or media sites around the world using the mobile web to reach out to all the readers of this, but unfortunately for loading a

Web pages on mobile too long, this led to  a publisher  or media reader and lose a lot of income reduction  publisher . Due for web page load time is longer, so readers leaving the web.

Google had discussions with publishers and technology companies the world announced a project inisyatif  open source  just called  Accelerated Mobile Pages 

which aims to improve the mobile web performance drastically. With these AMP their web pages rich in content video, animation and graphics

can be loaded on a web page in an instant. It is expected that the same code can work across multiple platforms and devices so they can appear anywhere diperangkat not peduali mobile phone, tablet or mobile device being used. This project bergantuk denganHTML AMP, the latest open source framework built on existing web technologies, allowing the website to build a lightweight web page.

Google announced that nearly 30 publishers from around the world took part this AMP project. It was the beginning of an exciting collaboration between  publishers  and technology companies, which all collaborate together to create a better mobile web for everyone. Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn were the first group of technology partners that plan to integrate the pages using HTML AMP.

WordPress also has  announced  that they will make the plugin so that all sites using this CMS can be published using the AMP. Google emphasized that the  tool  does not affect the ranking of the web in a second page of search results.

Since this is an Open Source project the source code is available on  Github , while if you want to try the demo AMP can access  this page .

Via  Official Google Blog ,  TNW


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