How to Create a Table of Contents WordPress


Hello This time i want to share how to create a table of contents on WordPress, this time we will learn how to create a table of contents on using the wordpress plugin, immediately wrote.

Step by Step

1. Download and Activate Plugin

Add New Plugin

This time we will install, before you to Plugins menu and select “Add New” from the submenu Plugin.

install Plugin

If It appears the “Add New Plugin” you type the name of the plugin in the search bar, and make sure the plugin name and the icon corresponds to the image above. In this case i use “Clean My Archives probably really does because simple and easy way of implementation in wordpress, if it is you install this plugin.

2. Create a Page Table of Contents

 Add a New Page

If already installed, you simply create a new page in wordpress to make this sign-up page.

New page

If it is on page New Page, you create a page for a table of contents with the title “Table of Contents” and its contents are 

([)clean-my-archives(]) --> Remove the mark "()"

Then you select the “Publications / Publish” to save the page Table of Contents.

3. Make a menu and display it

Create Menu

In order to list the contents can be displayed on the menu or perform in wordpress you, you need to create a menu or customize wordpress you to be able to display the Table of Contents.

settings Menu

On this page you are free to apply your heart’s content at the content you guys want to show, if it is you choose “Save Menu” and please reload the page wordpress you and you try to do a list of contents to work or not.

4. Results

Congratulations, You have successfully created a table of contents and display them on WordPress, if it fails maybe you should think for a moment what is wrong, perhaps because not follow step by step the right way, maybe it’s just really, thank ya

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