How to Fix Error “Unexpected Token

Hi, this time I want to share how to Problem Solving of “Unexpected Token <in JSON at Position 0” on WordPress. To the point

The cause of a “Unexpected Token <in JSON at Position 0”

This usually happens because there is a conflict in your plugin, to fix this very easily anyway, in this case gw because of conflict with CloudFlare Rocket WP Plugin and there was an error “Unexpected Token <in JSON at Position 0”.

Panel Speed ​​in Cloudflare

so after I activate this feature on CloudFlare and the error happened because of a conflict with wordpress plugin called WP Rocket gw, and how to fix it by disabling this feature.

Maybe if you are still confused where the cause of the problem, you can do an alternative way which disables all the WordPress Plugin and turn on one by one to find out the cause of “Unexpected Token <in JSON at Position 0”.

then will plasticity results are the cause of the error, and you can take the conclusion why be an error, and the next step is you try to install the plugin or disable it.

Maybe it was just hell, Thanks

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