How to Fix the “Content Copy” current AdSense list

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Hi, This time i want to discuss how to fix the “Content Copy” When creating / Signing up for AdSense, immediately wrote ya.


usually you when writing articles in wordpress gasengaja tuh quotes from several sites although already given its source, but still hell wrote that copy content too though quoting slightly, although the quote from wikipedia you will also be affected when registering content copy / create AdSense.

How to fix

I fix actually easy for me anyway, gaperlu pay people to benerin, ngebenerin itself can also be. First you check your website to website copyscape .

Site Copyscape

on this site you can check the section which have you quote or might aja to keep track of the articles you quote someone else, it could be the article you quoted or copywriter ama others.

In addition, for users of WordPress you can do “No Publication” artkel which you have created, to prevent “Content Copy” When creating / Register Adsense. because i only understand WordPress and Blogger Gatau probably more effective ways to use CopyScape anyway, and for “No Publication” gataudah what if in Blogger.

Maybe it was just hell, good luck for ya!

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