Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Application (Source Google)

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Understanding What It Progressive Web Apps  – Previous Progressive Web Apps have been introduced Google. But Google removed it at I / O last May, Progressive Web Apps attracts many web developers, because the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) able to compete with applications  natively .

In contrast to the application  of hybrid application  hybrid  more combine native and web applications. PWA is completely web but the user can feel the experience as using apps  natively . As can be run  offline  or bad connection though, can send a notification, even using animation  smooth  as applications  natively . The application was not to be installed, but its icon can be put on  the home  screen  to make it easy to open the application. PWA fully rely on the browser. Currently only the Chrome browser least version 47 and above that support.

Actually what is Progressive’s Web Apps? Here I try to describe the six important points that make web application can be referred to as progressive web apps

1.  Instant Loading

The technology is able to make this PWA can be used  offline  even on a bad internet connection is for  service  worker . With  service  worker  also is the load time of the web faster.

Technology  service  worker  has mechanisms to control the  assets  that will be in  the cache  as well as providing  custom  requests to a network that can provide access experience in  offline  for users.

But to be able to use it the first time the user must access the website. After all the  assets of  most cached  by the  service  worker , even if the connection is lost the user will not see the images  offline  dinosaurs. Something like this workflow  service  worker

service worker

Currently the  browsers that support the technology service worker  is at least version 44 of Chrome, Opera and Firefox at least version 44. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge is in development and Safari still considering implementing this technology.

2.  Add to Homescreen

Which makes this PWA as  native  as the ability to add an icon to the  homescreen . So the user is easier to re-open a web application without having to access the URL is returned through the  browser . Google provides a  web  app  manifest  that contains the image settings icon, application name, the greater the resolution icon  shortcut , and display settings so that when opened web application opens  full screen without displaying  the address  bar  again. As an example  app  manifest  this you can see  here  and here of features of the  Add to Home Screen


3. Notifications

Since Chrome version 42, Google provides support to  the browser  that sends a notification mempu like applications  natively . The obstacle today every browser has a notification API different, it makes the  developer  web  should be coding for each  browser  is different. But reportedly Apple, Google and Mozilla are also Microsoft will work together to create a standard for this notification API. So  developer  web  quite coding one that can run in every  browser

push notification

4.  Fast  (Fast)


Current web users expect web pages that they visit will be interactive and  smooth . So  developers  need to focus time and effort there. Maps  web  is not only fast, but also should go well,  scrolling  fast and animations and interactions that must remain  smooth .

To write  a website  with a  performance  that is good and you need to understand how HTML, JavaScript and CSS is handled by the browser, and make sure that the code you write code and other 3rd party run as efficiently as possible.

Accessing the web in different desktops with on  mobile . On  mobile  hoped lighter web page with no download a lot of  assets . Google has long issued  tools  PageSpeed Insight  to examine whether the  website  you’re already good to be accessed via  mobile .

5.  Secure  (Secure)

blogspot HTTPS

To be able to use the  service  worker  web should already using the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS will encode or encrypt session data using the SSL protocol ( Secure Socket Layer ) or TLS protocol ( Transport Layer Security ). So the data between  server  web  and users will be more secure. If not protected intruder could have taken the data communication between the  web  you with a  browser  user. Such as images, cookies, scripts, everything can be exploited. Disruption can occur at any point in the network, including the user’s computer, a Wi-Fi hotspot, or ISP.

HTTPS also helps prevent intruders from a communication breakdown between the  websites  you with  a browser user. Such as an ISP or hotel meng- inject  ads into the page. In Indonesia alone, you must know which ISP to like meng- inject  ads kehalaman web.

Intruders can exploit unprotected communications to trick users into providing sensitive information or install  malware . For example, some third party to inject ads into  websites  that could potentially break the user experience and create a security vulnerability.

Since 2014, Google began to use HTTPS for all products and services. Even Google gives  priority ranking signal in its search engine .

6.  Responsive

responsive web

Of course, Google strongly supports the  website  responsive . In this era, users began to shift from the desktop to mobile devices. Even many first time users who access the Internet from mobile devices. So that the website can adjust in many devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones so it is important to support a responsive website.

Here there is a video, why build it pentting Progressive Web Apps

Applying the Indonesian Startup PWA

Some time ago there were perhaps three Indonesian Startup you are already familiar invited to Mountain View to attend Google I / O. Three Startup invited for implementing  progressive  web  apps on their website. The Startup three are  Kaskus ,  Babe  and  JalanTikus .


But once we examine just a website JalanTikus and babe who has implemented a  service  worker . Looks like Kaskus is still in the development stage to apply PWA

PWA Indonesia
Debug Service Worker
Service Worker Cache Read News
Service Worker Cache Read News
Service Worker in News Reading
Service Worker in News Reading

For a more complete  website  what it has to apply Progressive Web Apps you can see  and the PWA application will be discussed in a different article.


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