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understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize and maximize the value of the relevant page of the website in order to increase keyword rankings are accompanied by increased visitors from the Search Engine Google. SEO is done through a systematic process (analysis, implementation report), which means doing the SEO techniques that fall within the Blackhat SEO / Whitehat SEO / SEO Greyhat. Each technique has its advantages and weaknesses when we run.

As  Blackhat SEO  who performs any malicious actions with the aim of speeding up the search ranking of a website in search engines, but have a dangerous impact. Whitehat SEO  is a natural and relevant actions to improve the ranking of a website and this technique should be done. Greyhat SEO  is a combination of the two previous techniques for improving the ranking of a website. To Greyhat SEO is a combination of 50%, but also have harmful effects for your website. SEO stands for ” Search Engine Optimization ” or Search Engine Optimization. SEO was first used on July 26, 1997 by a SPAM message posted on Usenet [ W ].

Science SEO

Various ways or SEO techniques that can be done, of OnPage Optimization Techniques or Offpage, as well as the analysis of the website and the website will be your opponent in Optimisasikan. At the next opportunity I will post on  Understanding SEO On Page and Off Page . SEO techniques is not a science that we can get in formal education. SEO techniques must be learned by self-taught (in practice) and sustainable (update the latest techniques), and changes in the profession SEO into conformity with the new rules set by Google (Google Panda Algorithm, Google Penguin Algorithm, Google Hummingbird algorithm, etc.).

Many websites that provide updated information on the latest techniques regarding SEO. More recommended for Junior SEO to follow the development of the definite SEO Blog SEO Blog Google or from a well-known, because Google do a minor update algorithm approximately 500 times a year and 3-4 times for major updates. But the core of any updates certainly give a positive impact for users of the Search Engine.

SEO Techniques Gereggi

Why learn SEO with Google that became the benchmark? because Google has the market more than 90% compared to other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex in Indonesia. Google controls almost the majority of search engines in the world except China. Where by acquiring many websites and OS like Android, surely the Google search engine will still be used as the major Search Engines.

If you have a business website such as online sales, news, services,  garment business  and others, it helps you also learn what SEO. Because online business website and SEO when put together then the result will be maximized, it is different if you only rely on the website without SEO. Simple Tips on developing a business website is by relying on SEO optimization On Page first. Wake up with a blog on the business website provides interesting information about the company, the latest trends, tips and tricks, and other information.

benefits of SEO

Once you know what SEO is, then it will discuss the benefits of SEO for website owners. SEO techniques are actually many positive impacts for the owner of the website or blog. The impact itself depends on the purpose of the website itself, such as for example an affiliate website plus the SEO techniques that will increase product sales affiliate. There is also a combined online sales website with SEO then visitors increased, the same as the sales will increase, and consumers will continue to come back to your home page (belief system).

Others you can see a news website or blog information tips, tricks, tutorials when coupled with SEO then it will be more targeted website visitors and website visitors increased activity. Here are other benefits when combined with SEO website or blog:

  • Website becomes crowded with visitors targeted keywords
  • Customers continue to flock to the website
  • Indirectly increase your revenue as a Publisher
  • Cache penulusuran in Search Engine become the most important
  • Business on the website to be growing
  • Sales of the product will increase
  • Reciprocal back to the affiliate product website
  • and others

Actually there are many things that come when you are developing a website or blog plus the SEO techniques. When a piece of Understanding SEO articles is still sorely lacking, the following reference links Understanding SEO.

Reference Understanding SEO

  • and others

Even now, the development of the Google Search Engine algorithms continue to be updated make relevant value and improved user comfort. This makes the owners of websites that use malicious SEO techniques will be eliminated by itself. Or website owner who is not up to date just build and leave the website without any update.

So it appears the new techniques that will certainly be more concerned with the quality of On Page and Off Page website. As for updates and novelties create confusion website owners run the SEO techniques that make the time wasted due to try a variety of techniques that make it difficult. As should be optimal loading, mapping H1-H3, selecting the right Title and Description, Optimizing each image is uploaded, to increase the variety of keywords.

Actually you can use a variety of  SEO Services Reliable  spread across Google. It will be easier for you to make sure that the time and cost used in line with the results of seo services are used. Examples such as business competition is fierce in the Search Engines for a variety of business sectors Hotel, Rental Apartment, Sell Clothing Fashion, Umrah, Printing and others. So information on the Understanding of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Hopefully this article can make you understand bit by bit on what SEO is. 


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